We are hiring

Senior Ruby Developer

We'll be glad to take a couple of strong Ruby/Rails engineers on board.
We give priority to Ruby and Ruby on Rails framework while using Go, Clojure, Scale and a bit of other cutting edge backend stuff.
We expect experienced and unaided persons to join our team or even lead a number of our projects.

Our basic expectations:

Maximum requirements:

You will love us because we offer:

Senior Frontend Developer

Evrone's distributed team will gladly take experienced and unaided frontend developers with completed SPA javascript projects. Any of those will fit: React, React Native, Angular, Vue, Redux, MobX...

We are experts at Ruby on Rails / Javascript and related ecosystem but our engineers are also great in different technologies.

We will answer every message so write to us if you eager to join us or just want to become acquainted, especially if you:

You will love us because we offer: